Stitch the Day Away - Main Project Finishing Kit

Finishing Kit and Extra Project for Marcoola Stitch the Day Away Workshop.
You will receive on the day a kit as part of your course cost. In the package you will receive the pattern for the main project plus an additional pattern just for fun. There is a finishing kit for the main project which includes the items below. There is another fabric pack for the extra project for $35.00 with an additional finishing kit for $14.00 for this.

So in summary there are 2 project finishing kits and one extra fabric pack.

One for the main project for $14.00. This is the pack to help finish the project.
It contains  the following:
DMC 6 - stranded embroidery floss (844 - (dark donkey grey) - 1 skein, 371 - (green), 3768 - (blue) 1 metre, 612 - (beige), 3328 - (rasberry), 3859 - (pink), 3862 - (terracotta)
Fusible lightweight interfacing (eaveline) - 8" x 10"
5 - 11mm buttons
2 - 7mm snap fasteners
1/4 cup walnut shells
3/8" hexagon papers x 80
Cardboard - cereal box weight is great - 6" square

Extra Project Fabric Pack plus Finishing Kit

A complete fabric pack for an extra project is available for $35.00 which includes all fabric, woven wool, tape, zipper and easyfix.

The extra project also can come with a finishing kit for $14.00 This is the pack to help finish the project.
It contains the following:
DMC Embroidery Floss - 1 skein DMC 844, 1m lengths of DMC 371, 610, 3328, 3768, 3859, 3862.
35 x 7/8" hexagon papers
Template plastic
Lightweight fusible interfacing (weaveline) - 30cm
Lightweight Fusible fleece (Parlan) - 10" x 16"

$14.00 inc. GST